37th National

Narrow Gauge Convention

Aug. 30th - Sept. 2nd, 2017

Denver, Colorado

Marriott Denver

Tech Center Hotel

Appalachian & Ohio RR

O scale, Owner: Dave Stewart


The O scale Appalachian & Ohio is a prototype freelanced southern gateway and coal hauler set in August 1969. The modeled portion serves industrial SE Ohio to central West Virginia. This is the second iteration of the A&O, the first being featured in MR 5/06. MRP 2009 describes A&O 2.0. Over 8 years of construction by myself and many dedicated helpers have filled the 2,500 sq.' RR space. Scenery is now underway to complete the journey.

All track and switches are hand-laid and the layout features numerous electronic specialties, including its own PBX phone system.


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