37th National

Narrow Gauge Convention

Aug. 30th - Sept. 2nd, 2017

Denver, Colorado

Marriott Denver

Tech Center Hotel

Gold Creek, Pine Cliff and Elk Springs Railway

Modular On30 Club


"The Gold Creek, Pine Cliff and Elk Springs is a free lance modular On30 railroad made up of four 6' x 4' modules. Each module is built with 1" x 6" wood frames supporting a base of 2" blue foam. More foam is stacked to form the hills and mountains which are coated with latex paint, ground covers and trees. Buildings are either kit bashed or scratch built using various materials and reflect structures common to narrow gauge railroads. Locomotives and rolling stock are a mixture of several manufactures plus several kit bashed pieces, many have added details and weathering. There are numerous animations on the railway including a teeter totter, a tire swing, a steam shovel, oil pumps and crossing gates. Reversing shuttles are used for the engine house area, between warehouses and to move ore cars."


Youtube video by Skip Wiethman


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