37th National

Narrow Gauge Convention

Aug. 30th - Sept. 2nd, 2017

Denver, Colorado

Marriott Denver

Tech Center Hotel

Oahu Railway & Land Company

On3, Owner Jim Chiddix


The OR&L is an On3 layout in a 22’ x 33’ room.  It offers a full mushroom configuration, panoramic photo backdrops, Arduino controlled turntable and staging yard transfer table, LED lighting, a sugar mill, passenger facilities and loads-in/empties-out pineapple cannery operations.  The research on the prototype resulted in my publishing a history of the railroad, “Next Stop Honolulu.”   The layout features backdrops made from panoramic photos found in the Hawaii State Archive.  The prototype offered many of the features of mainland railroading, including a double-track mainline, frequent passenger service and automatic block signaling.  It moved general freight, bagged raw sugar to the docks, pineapples to the canneries, guns to shore batteries and sailors on leave into Honolulu.  The railroad used many of pieces of rolling stock and locomotives similar to equipment on the widely-modeled Rio Grand narrow gauge railroad.  Though my "lifetime layout” is about 60% complete, I think that folks will find it interesting.

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