37th National

Narrow Gauge Convention

Aug. 30th - Sept. 2nd, 2017

Denver, Colorado

Marriott Denver

Tech Center Hotel

San Juan Southern Railroad

Fn3 Indoor, Owner: Bill White


The San Juan Southern is a fictitious short line set in south western Colorado.  The year is 1946.  It's a large scale indoor layout covering approx 800 square feet.  The main line is a continuous, somewhat convoluted loop.  All of the bench work and track is finished and about 2/3rds of the scenery is in.  All of the track is hand laid, including the switches, using code 215 rail on wood ties.  All of the locomotives and rolling stock are heavily modified and detailed.  The buildings are scratch built or extensively modified kits.  Control and sound are by North Coast Engineering DCC with Tsunami decoders.

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